Cartier Brand Story

Cartier is an innovative, exclusive luxury brand that is well known for its jewelries and watches. It began in 1899, and it is well known for its excellent craftsmanship. Cartier has an excellent reputation in the industry for its fine watches and precious stones, and it is well known for its high brand loyalty and is a popular global brand product. Cartier has a strong reputation in the industry for its excellent craftsmanship and exquisite design. Their mission statement states that it wishes to be both fashionable yet produce aspirational styles to their range, in other terms to be the art of unique. Cartier caters to a very niche segment of its target market; celebrities, however their target market is exclusively for men and women with a high income.

PRADA Brand Story

Sophisticated. Avant-garde. Traditional Italian. PRADA. One of the biggest global luxury fashion brands whose presence we have been graced with since 1913. It all began then will leather goods and brothers Mario and Martino Prada: two Milanese craftsmen. From the offset, the Prada brand endeavored to attract the most refined, tasteful clientele. To this day, these initial attributes of a Prada customer have not altered. Only trends and immense success have changed since then.

Dior, A journey of a global brand

This report will analyses the brand Christian Dior. It will discuss the main facts of the company’s history as well as going into a brief description of what is happening currently in the brand. A report will go into detail about the brands identity as well as key facts about the brand consumer and its current position in the market. It will also give an overview explanation the communication mix and how Dior communicates its brand to the consumer.

پادکست در باب عکاسی

واقعیت در عکاسی / سهیل ارجمند عکاسی از آسمان شب / احمد جامه دارپور آموزش در عکاسی / سروش کیایی عکاسی حرفه ای /شایان خلیل بیگی عکاسی لوکیشن / امید خاکپورنیا عکاسی ماکرو / باربد صفایی مسابقات عکاسی / علی ذولقدری

Horse; Symbol of Strength and Beauty

For thousands of years, horses on caves, castles and houses in the form of paintings, engravings, and tapestries embellished the environment where humans were present. The horse is a symbol of strength and beauty. An animal that has always been admired. The horse is a very efficient assistant in the advertising and marketing process. Here […]

Industrial Photography to Grow My Business

Industrial photography is a fascinating profession that encompasses much more than simply taking excellent photographs. To make interesting photos, you need to capture the heart of the company and the people who work there. Here are some ways that industrial photography might help a business make more money:   Marketing to a Larger Audience Using […]