For thousands of years, horses on caves, castles and houses in the form of paintings, engravings, and tapestries embellished the environment where humans were present. The horse is a symbol of strength and beauty. An animal that has always been admired. The horse is a very efficient assistant in the advertising and marketing process. Here we will examine several aspects of horse photography and its place in the advertising industry.

The first law; Observance of animal rights

A horse has its own rights, like all living creatures. Look at him as one of your colleagues. It is forbidden to use any kind of violence, use of whips, work and psychological pressure. During the photography or filming, the presence of a trainer or master familiar with the animal is necessary. Allow the animal to rest during work. This makes Record the best pictures of horses.

strength and beauty

A horse is a symbol of strength and beauty. The presence of the horse in the pictures attracts the attention of every audience. If one of the basic pillars of advertising is attracting the audience. The presence of a horse in the picture will fulfill this task well. Use the distinctive characteristics of the horse to express the characteristics of your product or service. The strength and beauty of the horse makes your product look doubly effective.

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