Christmas and New Year and all that is organized around the festivals of this event are attractive and lovely for many people.

However, even though the programs of this event are attractive and lovely, photographing it has its own challenges.

In this article, I’ll review some tips about Christmas photography.

The first thing to consider when taking Christmas photos is to balance the photography before getting creative. It doesn’t matter what style of photography you want. Paying attention to shutter speed, aperture, ISO, composition and Light are the Five basic elements in photography. And it is essential to comply with them.

Aperture makes it more professional

It is necessary to pay attention to the aperture number. The lower number you choose, the sharper the main subject and the less sharp the background. Try to use small bright lights in the background and make the image more attractive by make Boke in the background.

If you are using a professional camera, the aperture can be adjusted in manual mode. And if you use a smart mobile camera, you can set the aperture in the priority setting section.

for more Tips, please check my Linkedin Article about Christmas Photography Tips.

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